Bill offers spiritual guidance based on his own experience and a lifetime of study and application of traditional healing methodology. He has studied and worked with traditional healers from the Americas, Asia and European traditions. Bill is an initiated mesa carrier in the Andean tradition and he has extensive experience in plant medicines of the Americas. Bill conducts shamanic soul retrieval, divination and chakra balancing sessions as core services. He also consults on post-journey integration for those exploring plant spirit healing ceremony. Bill uses spiritual and shamanic principals in conjunction with energy healing to mentor others. Bill provides emotional support, information, personal experience and community/nature connection while helping others on their path to wellness. Bill provides insight on topics such as Psychopomp, Death & Dying, Soul Retrieval, Rebirthing, Extraction, Power Animal Retrieval, Ritual and Ceremony, Construction of Altars and Personal Cosmology. Bill provides healing services only through Stone Light Retreat Center, contact Steve Jenson for more information.