Kathy as a Holistic Energy Practitioner utilizes energy modalities to provide clients with an unique and individualized experience. She uses her gifts to enable you to bring your unconscious mind forward. Through these techniques she guides you to turn your keys of wisdom. You are empowered to ignite your vision to dream, change, and create. Kathy's knowledge comes from cultural and soul remembrance. Her clients find her insight soulfly fulfilling. Our footsteps of courage to mold the type of life that we seek brings joy to our soul is in our hands.

"When we listen to the inner wisdom of our heart the voice we hear can be as loud as the sound of the hummingbirds’ wings." ~ Kathy McGranahan


Shamanic Session is a form of counseling or coaching that incorporates, listening, unraveling and assisting the person in seeing or noticing patterns that evolved from life experiences. In recognizing the reasoning of the patterns you can then choose to create changes or acceptance to change through energy transformational soul shifting. I use the techniques of Compassionate Depossesison, Soul Retrieval, Journeys and Ancestral Soul Languages, with Gazing. I also incorporate ceremonies or a ritual that is unique to each person's soul. I may incorporate Smudging, Dreamwork, Drumming, or Rattles.

Crystalline Grid Session Kathy creates crystal grids and elixirs that match your needs and interests. A Session to balance your Chakras with the use of color and frequency (Rainbow Rays) also aids to adjust and rebalance. Energetic Balancing using various techniques enables a person to provide self-awareness and create, and build boundaries.

Spiritual Mediumship

This form of Mediumship is the reception and delivery of messages from Spirit. Using my gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience, I share the messages I receive. I interpret them based on the scenes I have shown for us to unfold the messages. I am able to physically sense the person and share that energy directly with the client.

Access Consciousness

Through 32 touch points on your head and the use of statements from the Practitioner while touching these points it enables a person to release and unlock thought patterns. https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/about/what-is-access-consciousness/

Crystalline Wisdom Circle - Group Session Minimum 2

A gathering that is based upon each individual and the group. The time is sacred wherein the people in attendance we set our intentions and create an environment wherein a person feels safe and is able to BE for just a bit. The energy that channels based on the intention set allows the circle to experience and receive insight, physical changes, mindfulness, and even messages.

We choose a theme for each circle and choose a stone, that is the same for all. We sit quietly with the stone and permit time and silence to bring forth information. The stone holds energy, colors, patterns, and texture. Each person has the opportunity to share or remain in a quiet place.This experience can enable a person to get a glimpse of what is possible. Patterns emerge. The group can have synchronistic themes and experiences that brought them to the circle. The group shares insight and listens to the wisdom from each other and the crystal realm.