1 Tarot reading What is the question(s) you are wanting to ask? We'll call in our guides and angels for guidance and information.

2 Shamanic Healing Session Led by your intention and what energies/allies/support we call in for the journey. We will deeply connect with what your heart & soul is asking for, for what is trying to be born through you...perhaps it is a soul retrieval or a clearing of an energetic block or

3 Reiki Energetic Healing Reiki healing with Kva encompasses practices of channeling energy, feather aura cleanse, song and prayers. Your body guides and directs energy to where it is needed most.

4 Creative process on the Retreat Land for Healing · Individually or in groups, each person creates a "painting" on the Land with natural objects found and brought. This becomes your altar and place of connection to the healing energy of the Retreat Land and or your intention for healing for Self or others.

5 21st Century Warrior Work Sessions provide ancient & powerful practices to develop your strength and create a stronger foundation to stand in. We identify personal gifts and talents, your personal power. Focus on being present and available to life by standing more firmly in the truth of who you are, accessing Inner Authority.

6 Song as Medicine & Throat Chakra Opening · Song is an ancient and powerful healing medicine. The truth is to sing, to voice the desires of the heart and give voice to the soul, is every human's birthright and a seat of power. Opening your voice can be a throat chakra clearing and healing.

Note: please call Kva directly (608 606 6372) for information on the following Groups and Circles.

Song As Medicine Healing/or Song Circles · Medicine People have used powerful songs in healing for thousands of years. Whether you see yourself as a singer or non-singer, song can be deep healing medicine. Kva will facilitate Song Circles around the cabin fire rings (you can’t do it wrong :)

Co-creating Rituals & Sacred Gatherings · Co-create your ceremony or ritual, making meaning from life's transitional & transformational seasons +/or events. Ritual reminds us of what is important to us, what is holy and enduring...the soul of things. Allowing your feelings, pain, joy, grief or confusion... to guide the process and tap more deeply into your intrinsic wisdom. The co-creation of personal/familial and community ceremony brings balance and acknowledgement to our personal & collective journeys.

Weddings and Other Ceremonies Kva, as an ordained minister, will work with you to co-create your ceremony, led by your intentions, desires and relationship to Spirit.

Moon Song Spirit & Earth Connection · Co-create your own customized 3 to 5 day camp at Stone Light. Moonsong is a 4 day camping experience during the full moon with singing, dancing, storytelling, silence on the land, and Earth Connection exercises to open and attune to the Spirit of the Land and Ancestors. A re-connection or deepening of your connection to the energy of the Earth and all life.

Kva's rate is $60 per hour with reduced rates for longer ceremonies, gatherings and Circles.

Kva Mary has provided energetic healing, life coaching and creative healing workshops in the Viroqua area since 2012.

Kva completed her Reiki training to Master level and finished her Reiki Master Teacher training in 2014. She graduated from The Wisdom of Life Coaching School and had previously completed the Fowler Wainwright School of Life Coaching Program.

Her shamanic healing arts study started with Peruvian shamanic practitioner and teacher, William Humphrey, in 2012. Kva completed apprenticeship classes with William in 2013 and has continued her study of Earth based healing medicines in many forms since that time.

In 2012 Kva experienced a major clearing of her throat chakra when she opened her voice to sing for the first time in more than 4 decades with friend and mentor, Liz Rog. Since then she has incorporated the powerful and ancient healing salve of Song into her healing practice, creating and leading Song As Medicine Healing Circles as well as Community Song Circles.

In 2016 Kva facilitated a year long group, based on Angeles Arrien's Four Fold Way, which uses ancient indigenous wisdom practices to develop the archetypes of the Warrior, Healer, Visionary and Teacher. Kva offers shamanic-based creative processes from that work in workshops and retreats to help individual's deepen their connection to the Earth, such as the Women's Moonsong Spirit Camp, offered in June of 2020 at Wildcat Mountain State Park under a powerful full moon.

Kva Mary has a B.S. in psychology and left graduate work in counseling to pursue education in the alternative healing methods that she more strongly resonates with, such as the ancient practices of Reiki, and shamanism, in which the client is seen as whole.

Kva has been a member of the One Spirit Rising spiritual community in Viroqua since 2011 and a co-leader with One Spirit since 2016. In 2020 she completed a Chaplaincy Internship at Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, WI.

Kva's passion is to help others to connect with their own wisdom, inherent gifts, talents and power in order to come into the fullness of who they were created to be and to freely offer those gifts to the world.