Karmic Imprint Healing

My name is Shay and I am a Holy Grail Divine Union Oracle, Karmic Imprint Healer, Sacred Sexual Priestess and Awakened Divine Feminine. The twin flame/starseed template was activated within my DNA/subconscious in 2011 and that is when my journey truly started. My energy work/healing abilities are multi-dimensional and very direct. I work on the etheric levels addressing emotional & energetic blocks/ suppression at the traumatic level. Sometimes these problems have been embedded in our soul from past lives or by other complications in the energetic realms. I work directly with the Andromedan consciousness/frequency & invoke the Violet Flame. I do remote healings to anywhere in the world as my work is done on an energetic level not physical. I am also a Divine Union Oracle and can bring messages to and/or guide those on the Twin Flame/Divine Union path.

DNA Activation

This is for the serious initiate of the ‘Light’. My DNA Activation will help to re-calibrate and activate you into your True Power.

My healing abilities also assist in:

  • removing past life/this life trauma
  • removing/clearing karmic imprints
  • energetic cord cutting
  • Womb & sacral chakra clearing

Please call Shay directly to schedule your session. 319-310-6583 My practitioner rate is $55 per hour.