"Words cannot describe the feeling of peace and tranquility you will experience here! The cabin is nestled in 15 acres of mature hardwood forest. Birds sing, fireflies magically light up the night. Steve helps bring all your belongings in a little cart, so you don’t have to carry your things into the private, wooded setting. Even though it’s off-grid, everything is available. A little hand washing station, fresh water, lanterns and a spotless/odorless outhouse just far enough away for easy access yet privacy. I stayed 4 nights but could stay forever! Host provided access to a shower, fresh coffee and great conversation. My dogs were welcomed and safely enjoyed the forest. We used a little camping stove to prepare dinner. A wonderful stay!! I will certainly return. Also, Viroqua is a lovely town!!"

~ Nellyda July 2023

Stone Light is a beautiful wooded acreage with rolling hills, walking trail and a venue of intentionally planned areas for the soul’s inner journey. Its magical, private and restful. I stayed in the cozy Crystal cabin which felt like home in short time. I loved the assortment of spiritual books available but loved even more walking the main trail by itself or exploring the places for meditation along the way. Each has their own vibe and I am sure you will be attracted to one or more of them whether it be the chapel, the fairy garden, the labyrinth or the goddess altar among others.

While I am not accustomed to off grid living or camping, I had personal adjustments to make yet always my needs were met. The owner, Steve, has provided this acreage as a labor of love to visitors as well as a place to feel welcomed, attended to and supported. He will bring a wonderful spirit of joy, happiness and play to your stay and Arthur the cat will also say hello in your comings and goings. I also experienced a session with Bill the shaman which provided another highlight of my soul’s journey during my stay. If you are intentional for your stay here at Stone Light you can expect the energy of it to linger with you well after you have departed. It is a captivating residence nestled in the embrace of Mother Nature.

Be sure to check out the vibrancy of the small town of Viroqua with tasty meals from a variety of great restaurants, local co-op, best sourdough bread ever, yummy gelato, new library and bookstores, thrift store, rock shop, antiques, concerts and activities in the community and more. Every person I spoke with in town was a terrific host creating a welcoming energy in which to return!

LL, Minnesota 10-22-22

Beautiful, rustic place for our weekend getaway. We really enjoyed the Emerald Cabin and playing games and reading by oil lamp. Steve was wonderfully welcoming and generous with his time, resources and space. Stone Light is a really peaceful place, highly recommend to anyone looking for a retreat.

Julia Oct 2022

Love this place so much. This was our third time staying in Emerald Cabin and it did not disappoint. Steve is an amazing host and Stone Light is a truly magical place to rest, relax and restore.

Maria Oct 2022

Stone Light Retreat, thank you. I will be back again! I needed a weekend to relax and reconnect, fill my cup back up, and find myself again. This was the place I needed to be to do it. I had the entire resort to myself, I walked all the trails on his property and was amazed by all the hidden gems. A cove for healing, a goddess alter, this was the forest I needed to get lost in so I could find myself again. I love how off the grid it is, sometimes we need to completely disconnect so we can recharge. Plus, if you absolutely need a small dose of civilization, there’s an amazing vineyard 19 minutes away (just a long enough drive to recharge your cell phone).

Rebecca Aug 2022

Stone Light has been such a grounded safe space to expand spiritually and also go deep within ourselves. I have been coming to Stone Light for years alone and now also hosting my own spiritual healing retreats the last couple years and each one just gets better than the one before. Steve has always been fantastically accommodating and helpful, providing everything we need with ease and a joyful smile. The cabins and outhouses are always very clean, cozy, and fully stocked, and all the magical little walking paths and special sites along the property are beautifully maintained. The blessings and sacredness of the land that Stone Light is on also provides such a more profound experience than anywhere else I’ve been. Many of my participants have very profound experiences while at Stone Light. It’s such an honor to be able to bring new people to Stone Light so they may find and remember the light that is within them, and also myself. Thank you, Steve, for always providing the most loving experiences. Blessings to you and all that have the privilege to come!

Andrea July 2022

Cabin was very clean and Steve goes out of his way to make sure you have everything you need. Our dogs had the time of their lives and we will definitely be back .

Jelena May 2022

"Stone Light is the little retreat with a huge heart! Steve has a keen sense of exactly what his visitors are looking for, and he does a fantastic job of providing it. My friends and I stayed snug in our cozy cabin when we weren't exploring the myriad of reflection spaces found all over the grounds. Stone Light is rich with places to be alone, to reflect on the ancient rocks and to breathe in silence. After only two visits, it is a place we have come to treasure!"

Ben T March 2022

This place is magical! We stayed two nights, but wish we could have stayed several more. Although the weather outside was chilly, the heater inside the cabin kept us warm and cozy. We also prepared well for the cold, so walking the trails and exploring was actually quite nice and refreshing. Just what we were looking for! We stayed in the Sapphire cabin and discovered the placement was just perfect for the sunlight coming in through the windows. The clouds opened up halfway through the day and the blue sky along with the setting sun was so beautiful to watch from the top of the hill behind the cabin. Steve was a wonderful host, provided a very welcoming space for our retreat, and was incredibly accommodating and available if we needed anything. This experience may not be for everyone, but if you're curious and it strikes your interest, I would highly suggest planning a retreat here. I'm so grateful we discovered Stone Light! And we'll definitely be heading back there for another retreat in the near future.

Emily and Eddie November 14, 2021

Steve was an excellent host. The communication was great and he was there for whatever we needed.

Kim Oct 2021

Steve, I just wanted to thank you, once again, for such a rich experience at Stone Light. I have taken a lot of retreats in many different places but this was one of the best. There was so much beauty to walk in, so many sacred places to sit in peace with the Mystery. The nights were so still and quiet. I am so grateful for the deep spiritual experiences I had there. It was magical. I'm still savoring and nurturing the "take-aways" from my time there. It's more like noticing the very real change inside myself. I've shifted into a different perspective and feel very "alive" and present. I have a different sense of myself - like it's easier to move forward in the way God wants me to "serve".

Regina September 2021

Dear Steve, Thanks for sharing your little slice of heaven with us. We love spending long weekends in nature and this is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. I have a feeling that our minds will keep drifting back to the Driftless Area once we get back to Chicago! Thank so much.

Carolyn and David

Dear Steve, Thank you for allowing us to stay at your sanctuary. It was an amazing weekend with a lot of healing. Disconnecting from the outside world and relaxing was so easy at Stone Light. I really can’t put into words how appreciative I lam for having the opportunity to come there. I appreciate you Steve - thank you!

Lindsey K. September 2021

We stayed in the Emerald cabin, and appreciated the wood stove with cooler overnight temps! Being unplugged in a rustic setting surrounded by nature was relaxing, calming and peaceful. Steve was helpful bringing up our gear and full of helpful tips with a bonus of a hot shower at the main lodge after a long day of hiking. The area is beautiful and made our stay even more memorable.

Nancy Sept 2021

Such a magical place. Steve is a wonderful host, and Viroqua is a wonderful town. Spend some time at Stone Light in the peace and quiet.

Abbey Aug 2021

I stayed two nights in the Emerald cabin. It was a great getaway to truly practice self-care. Steve helped me get my luggage to the cabin. It was surrounded by the beautiful forest with a campfire pit and an outhouse which will be the cleanest outhouse you have ever seen. My first night, I explored the grounds. Being a week day, I had the property to myself. The trails were clearly marked. I found myself off trail and got lost at one point because of the dense forest. I encountered a broken bench but was impressed there was a partial rope rail to help with a steep decline. Everything was beautiful. The downside is the Emerald cabin was close to a road and you can hear quite a bit of traffic and machinery. I also went into Viroqua which was an amazing town. I enjoyed lunch at the Driftless Cafe and it was AMAZING. Main Street had everything from coffee to cute little shops. The people were so nice. I also went to Sidie Hollow park which was so lovely. They have a nice trail where I encountered a huge turtle and also some deer. The mosquitoes didn’t bother me as I was prepared with picardin and also had bug spray. The weather I loved because it was not super hot and we even got some nice summer storms. Overall, it was a great stay and I was happy I got to reflect on myself and not have to answer to little ones.

Angie July 2021

I was looking for a quiet retreat and this exceeded expectations for me anyway - I was also lucky to be the only guest, so had the entire property to myself, and Steve and the cats of course : ) Steve is just above and beyond accommodating, great with communication, and so much more. I have a rustic family cabin so I knew what I was getting into with no running water or electricity, but honestly you barely notice it with all the other amenities in place - gas lights, candles, firewood, battery operated lights, indoor RV potable and private outhouse outside as well. Peaceful, and rejuvenation, as well as a personal spiritual awakening. Looking forward to more stays and maybe a retreat!

Whitney July 2021

Steve is delightful as many have mentioned, and very helpful. The cabin was clean and hospitable, nestled into the side of a hill and down a walking trail. Steve uses his ATV and wagon to get your stuff to the cabin, so no worries on carrying gear.

Malek July 2021

Amazing place to rejuvenate your mind and soul. The new Forest Bathing hiking path is amazing!

Maria Jun 2021

I've been coming to Stone Light for years now and it's become my favorite getaway! Each visit is restorative - it gives me time to be completely away from everyday life and come back renewed. It's been especially nice to be able to go there during quarantine; to have a place where my friends and I can safely take a long weekend away. This spring, we were fortunate enough to get a group together to rent out the whole place for a long weekend!

Courtney June 2021

What a magnificent treasure. Stone-Light came recommended to me, I was looking for a get-away tucked back into nature, a place I could go to let go of it all. I could on and on about how fabulous my time was here. But I will keep it brief and allow you to explore it for yourself. But some highlights of course: The Crystal cabin was the perfect size for my solo retreat. I loved the thoughtful decor and spacious coziness (there is such a thing.) The grounds themselves were a fabulous adventure and I walked the paths many times a day, finding new "treasures" along the way. If you need a get-away and just want to unplug, Stone-light is your place. If you are seeking a spiritual retreat...this place as you covered. I will be returning!

Tiffanie, Minnesota May - 2021

Beautiful, private area to unplug from your phone & computer. More amenities & supplies than expected. Excellent communication from the host before, during, and after my visit. I don't camp & I definitely will revisit in the future.

Jennifer May 2021

A great retreat from busy life. There are few distractions and poor/non-existent cell service, so it is easy to disconnect. Steve is very kind and helpful - a perfect host.

Brendan May 2021

Cabins are fantastic and energy of the place is perfect for some solitude and rejuvenation.

Scott April 2021

My boyfriend surprised me with this trip and we had a great time! We got to the cabin the day when it was 15F and so I was initially concerned I'd be too cold but between the stove fireplace and the propane take I kept toasty warm and the cabin was extremely cozy and relaxing! It was really nice to get "off the grid" and stay in a nice remote spot to unwind. Steve was incredibly helpful and attentive when we arrived and ensured we had everything we needed. A very great experience I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to have a relaxing weekend!

Francisca & Mikhail Jan 2021

I Had overall profound experiences at Stone Light that I’m still unpacking a bit but feeling very strong and optimistic. Great setting, great shaman recommendation, the cabin had everything I needed, and can’t wait to come back another time! Hope you had a good experience during the activation event yesterday. I found a nice spot to meditate in the stone circle and also the center of the labyrinth. Thank you for everything!

Luke - December 2020

This is my third time at Stonelight. I’m absolutely in love with this place, and the host, Steve, is just such a pleasant part of the stay. This time I stayed at the Emerald cabin with 2 close friends. We made nice dinners on the wood burning stove and watched the sunset each evening. The sky was clear for star gazing and the cold didn’t bother us at all because Steve provided plenty of firewood. We will definitely return.

Sara Nov 2020

My family had such a nice time at Stone Light. The camping was on the side of a beautiful hill with a very clean outhouse for our use. Everything was set for us when we arrived and Steve even lit our way with a nighttime fire once we pulled in. Steve has taken great care to provide a safe, secluded campus. The kids enjoyed the swing, the rock garden, and fairy garden. Steve's property is nicely spaced out with a ton of room for each guest/group to have a quiet, calming experience. We would highly recommend Stone Light as a wonderful respite from the everyday.

Robin September 2020

I have stayed at Stone Light Retreat Center several times now and it holds a truly special place in my heart. I first came here alone and found peace, inspiration and connection to something bigger than myself. I have since brought my husband, our baby and our closest family to share in the magic. I know I will continue to return to Stone Light and find that it always gives me what I need, even when I'm not sure exactly what it is I'm looking for. I cannot recommend Stone Light enough for anyone in need of a retreat (and who isn't?).

Eden September 2020

We had a fantastic and relaxing time at Stone Light. Steve is an engaged, helpful host. Our cabin was secluded and quiet, tucked back in the forest. Steve took our bags back and forth for us on a trailer. It is a little rustic (no electricity or plumbing) but cozy and comfortable, with a spiritual vibe. The outhouse is the nicest I've been in because it uses wood chips. The cabin had comfy blankets, a covered porch, and gas lanterns, along with some basic amenities. It is less than a 10 minute drive to downtown Viroqua, which is super convenient. If you are looking for a cozy cabin in the trees I highly recommend.

Kellen August 2020

We have returned to our world refreshed and cherishing the memories created at your lovely retreat. What a blessing to discover all the spiritual food that is abundent at Stone Light! My youngest had commented that she had not felt Heaven in a long time and found it again there. My eldest said this was the most healing (and coolest) family vacation ever. His girlfriend cried and thanked me for giving her the opportunity to feel so much love. Frankly, the space gave the support we all needed.
Many thanks for sharing your sacred place and your kindness with us,

Sam (Sandra) August 2020

Peaceful getaway off the beaten path, nestled in the forest. I spent two nights and left feeling mentally refreshed. Thanks again, Steve!

Lauren - August 2020

Steve was an excellent host, always checking in to make sure we had everything we needed! The cabin was clean and exactly what we were expecting. If you are looking for a great camping experience but with a cabin, this is it. We used the fire pit which had firewood for us to use. We cooked lunch over the fire. We also brought our dog and he loved it! Close to town and great hiking trails.

Trista - August 2020

Steve's place was very clean and perfect for our group of three. There are a couple of other cabins on the property, but we felt like we had a private space. There were short trails on the property with interesting things to check out! The town of viroqua was nearby and had a nice food coop and a coffee shop we visited a couple of times. It's a simple place to stay, but beautiful and clean!

Lindsay - July 2020

A great spot for a weekend getaway from city-life. This cabin nestled comfortably in the woods was perfectly peaceful. Steve is an excellent host. Viroqua was a surprisingly pleasant town.

Joey - July 2020

Thank you so much, for providing and creating this beautiful space of healing and divine Magic. Ruby, Daisy and I had a wonderfully restorative, healing and magical weekend.
I will be returning, and I will be sharing out my experience here with others.
May the Light of Avalon shine on you and Stone Light.

Morgana August - 2020

Steve was a lovely and helpful host. He transported our camping gear to our site, which felt very private. The outhouse was super clean. We had a wonderful stay and will definitely return again!

Emily - July 2020


My stay at Stone Light was positively delightful! Steve took care of every need and was a generous and kind host. I had several questions prior to my visit and he answered them thoroughly and promptly. The cabin(the emerald) was so beautifully appointed with comforts and was sparkling clean! He went to great lengths to make sure the cabin was disinfected and as safe as possible given the current COVID-19 situation. I had zero concerns about cleanliness. I encourage anyone who’s considering a getaway to this magical place to do so! It’s a truly spiritual and mystical, you will not regret it. I will be back many times to come!

Heather R - June 2020

We had a wonderful time in this cozy little cabin. My husband and I just got away for the night for our anniversary and we will definitely return. Steve recommended a fantastic restaurant in town for dinner- the Driftless Cafe. We went there and picked up drinks at the co-op to enjoy at the cabin later. We sat and had coffee in the morning at our picnic table, which was private and peaceful. We also enjoyed walking the grounds and viewing all the mystical and magical statues and decorations. It was about 67 degrees at night and we did not miss AC at all. This cabin allows for a lot of privacy and quiet. Steve was a great host. He greeted us and gave us a tour. The cabin has everything you could need- water, flashlights, candles, bug spray and more. The little outhouse is adorable. Thank you!

Sara - August 2019

My time at Stone Light Retreat was magical! Steve, the owner, is very kind and hospitable. He provides a sacred space for you to be in nature and connect within. There's many options and places to visit, all within a couple of minutes. From the bench in the middle of the woods, to the swing hanging from the trees. All are excellent, silent places for relaxation or meditation. Stone Light Retreat is filled with so much love and beauty! There are many crystals along the way and surprises. I highly recommend staying here, especially to those who are spiritually awakened and enlightened. There is no other place like it! Don't forget to bring an offering of gratitude to the land and fairies!

Jaimie - April, 2019

Hi Steve! Thanks so much for creating such a lovely and gentle space for us to come and spend the weekend. It was an incredibly restorative and peaceful time for Ashley, myself, and our two fuzzy friends. We hope to make it out there again before too long.

March 16 & 17th, 2019

Steve was SO unbelievably helpful the entire time we were there. He helped us carry our things to our cabin, which was made up perfectly. There was a small RV toilet inside of the cabin as to avoid the outhouse in the pitch black night. But there is also an outhouse off the side of the cabin that was REALLY impressive and clean. You may also use Steve's main house in order to shower and access running water. Steve told us he built everything on the land himself. The land itself feels extremely sacred, so if you're a spiritual person, you will love it here. It was a very rustic and relaxing experience. Steve was very accommodating and was pleased to help us in any way we needed during our stay! Would 10/10 recommend and we will be coming back often for individual journeys and hopefully for spiritual retreats in the future!

Aubrey and Morgan 11/18

This place is amazing conpletely in the middle of nature so peaceful the perfect place for a couple week end and the fact that it's rustic in a way with no electricity or water in the cabin adds romantic touch to the stay because there are lanterns there is a shower toilet three minutes away. I wish we would have stayed longer but I will return soon.

Claude October 2018

Such a beautiful place! Plenty of area to go for quiet walks and the cabin we stayed in was beautiful and very clean. There was a lot of thought and heart that went into setting this place up and it really takes you into the peace and calm that we are always searching for.

Jennifer - Sept 2018

I have been struggling with chronic fatigue for a while. I booked at Stone Light in hopes of relaxation and to recharge. It worked. I have napped once in a week versus every single day for almost two years. I can't tell you what happened, how it happened, or why. I can tell you that I spent a lot of money trying to get well. Three nights at stone LIght in the middle of the woods, with great energy, beauty and super good books did the trick. I had a great time hiking at the Kickapoo, Sadie Hallow, and the Norwegian conservancy. The land is beautiful. Steve is a wonderful host. Very, very kind and gentle energy. I enjoyed chatting with him and enjoying his amazing creation. I look forward to my next visit.

Kayla August 2018

We had the most wonderful time at Stone Light!!

The whole thing and time was magical. I felt so at peace and just at home. And even coming home here, the soft graceful energy has stayed with me.

So appreciative of your welcoming and generosity. Please keep an eye out as I'll send you all the photos I have from our retreat!! You are so blessed to have such a beautiful space! And so happy we have connected. Soul family for sure.

Much love and blessings,

Andrea S July 2018

Thank you for holding such a beauty-full space, Steve. The energy of Stone Light is truly special. I could write a book on my experience and this time was much like my first - exactly what was needed on so many levels. There is something about the property and the energy there that just allows for alchemy to come forward and meet you where you're at. My experience at the chapel will forever walk with me. Ahhh the playful spirits that illuminate the possible! I am very much looking forward to returning much sooner than later. In reverence.

John S. July 2018

My husband, our dog, and I had a truly enjoyable stay at Stone Light for a couple of warm September nights. The clean, comfortable, and well stocked Emerald Cabin (and quiet solitude surrounding it) was everything we were looking for, and more. Steve is a gracious host and kind soul who has a remarkably magical piece of land. What a gift he offers by opening it to the public as a place to stay, center, and connect with oneself and the beauty of nature. We'll definitely be back.

Amy B. September 2017

I have been reminiscing and reflecting on my idyllic stay at Stone Light in May; it was so nice to enjoy a spring-time, celebratory escape to the woods with my sweet "sister" Nina and to absorb the healing energies of the forest, stones, and Sun. There is a power there, up on that bluff, that I cannot explain; I have never felt so safe and cared for, so free and open to spiritual experience. Nina's session with the shaman was highly significant and transformative, and has changed her very outlook on life (for the better). I am so happy for her, and feel honored to have shared in such a moment.

Teri May 2017

I would like to open that this is a place that is what you make it. So, my journey there is my journey there. I came to the place to restart a deeper journey. It is what I was given. I stayed there five days. I did little and never left the grounds. I did not have any great epiphanies while I was there but things were happening. I was prepared for what was going to happen. It has been almost four months since my experience and much has happened. I have been given many truths that will fit for me. So, I have to recommend this place. It is primitive and has a new age feel but I believe anyone could grow here. The energies are hard to explain. The host is incredible.

Gary May-2017

I spent three nights in Stone Light Retreat Center with my 4year old boy. We both loved it. Nights in the Cabins are fun. My boy enjoyed climbing ladder up and down to the bedding area, played with the mini sand box (a fun decoration in Crystal Cabin) to search for treasury (pretty stones). I had never used an oil lamp before, Steve (the owner) prepared it in the cabin, and it was an interest experience. Falling asleep with nature sounds and waking up by birds, we had a good relaxing time at Stone Light. Beside the Cabin, there are lot of fun things to do in the retreat center. Fun spots in the mountain, like hiking trail to explore, stone garden for kids to play, swing to give a new vision of the mountain, chapel to offer a quiet spiritual space, and so much more. It is really a nice place to get refreshment and spend time with family. At night, we set up bonfire out of Crystal Cabin. We knew nothing about setting up a bonfire, but Steve helped us. On the last day, we BBQ marshmallows, I have to mention it because that was one of the best parts. Fireflies everywhere at night, it was amazingly beautiful. Steve was so hospitality, we felt as relax as we were home. Steve’s cats are cute too, it was so sad that they just got bit familiar with us and it was time to leave. Love the place, love the people there. Hope to come back soon.

Stella July 2017

First, we love the Driftless Area. This unique place amongst the generally flat Upper Midwest is a charmer. The drive from the east to Stone Light was no different. As you get closer to Viroqua the rolling hills and endless farms turn to an undulating landscape. A Midwesterner might mistake them for mountains. It's simply one of my favorite landscapes in Wisconsin.

Stone Light's a truly unique place. Not just a few cabins and a campsite, but a space meant for a spiritual escape amidst the pristine landscape. From Merlin's Rock to Stone Circle, there is something to pique your mystical interest. With an almost four year old daughter, the wishing well and zen stone garden were the most memorable. We had to experience each multiple times.

The emerald cabin was spacious with just about everything you'd need for an off the grid weekend. The dwelling is situated atop a hill that descends towards an outhouse and fire pit. We cooked on the quaint porch of the cabin and ate dinner under lantern light. Before bed we lit a few candles and spent time as a family. Our daughter was excited to sleep in the loft space. I can say we all slept soundly in the uncomplicated space.

Scottie June 2017

I arrived at Stone Light with “no expectations,” (the advice of my daughter).

Written on 9-24-2016, while at Stone Light: Stone Light is part of who I am. I wasn’t supposed to discover it (that) until now. I will come here often. It feels so” right.” Not many could understand. That’s okay.

The Garden of the Universe
By Jeanette Rerecich

In silence our empty selves meet
Transparent (like crystal)
We receive the other with arms outstretched
Our cups fill with PRESENCE
Like the full moon in the skyscape.

Radiant with light
We overflow
We spill ourselves into the world
We spend ourselves
Emptying once again
To receive the other in fullness
We experience the ONENESS
Of all creation.

Embedded in our beings
Lies the blossom of the
In the garden of the universe.

I left as someone who had sensed God’s Spirit and was changed. Words from my journal: love of God and His creation; thankfulness; blessings; hunger for more of Him; candles; angels; rain drops; peaceful; contentment; prayerful; symbols and remembrance; at Jesus’ feet; quiet; faith; worship; He speaks to me personally.
Until next time!

SD - September 2016

I have been drawn to visiting Stone Light in Viroqua for quite some time now. From the moment my soul sister & I decided to book a weekend there beautiful synchronicities started happening so we knew it was meant to be… We were the only ones there and stayed in the amazing Emerald cabin, which was extremely cozy and comfortable. I can tell you that the feeling of being surrounded by these powerful spiritual vortexes not only opens you up to receive its healings, clearings & blessings but also provide a feeling of such gratitude, safety and love above all else. It is truly a magickal place and we plan to visit again soon. We both experienced shamanic mesa illumination healings from Bill the Shaman also… & both felt that it was the most powerful healing experience we have ever had. Thank you again Steve for co-creating a home on Earth for us fairies, lightworkers and starseeds!!

S and D - September 2016

Thanks Steve for your hospitality and allowing me to visit Stone Light. I got the quiet time I needed in the safe and magical environment of Stone light. There is definitely something about a quiet mind in the woods that can really ground a person, and it helps to heal the soul. The spiritual and loving people that I worked with at Stone Light enhanced my life's spiritual journey and were amazing. A visit to Stone Light for me, has been a life changing journey, and I think It's awesome that there is a place like this to go and be blessed with such an enlightening experience. I would invite all whom come to Stone Light, to come with an open mind, an open heart, and open arms and embrace Stone Light. It is like a piece of Sedona, right here in Wisconsin.

Joanna - May 2016

I made a five day solo retreat recently at the Stone Light Retreat several miles outside of Viroqua, Wisconsin in the "Driftless Region". I was drawn to the privacy of the cabins one must walk to, up a winding path with their gear. Cozy, very clean one room cabins, no electricity or running water, and comfortably furnished with all the basic amenities including heat if needed. Each of the three cabins is visually private from the other. It's perched on a 15 acre hilly site. The cabins are under a canopy of a deciduous forest primarily maple, some oak, walnut, shagbark hickory with many short paths and resting places, and the constant chatter of songbirds above.

I found the owner, Steve Jensen to be accommodating, easy to make friends with - a personality that welcomes conversation, inquiry, and curiosity regarding the nature of Stone Light and all that he has cultivated there.

I can say Stone Light is a peaceful haven for spending time (downtime) alone to meditate, write, draw, or for any pastime requiring an uninterrupted environment in which to be alone. Also, I think it would be a fun place to visit, together with a few friends around a campfire, or to celebrate special occasions with a dear friend or partner.

Tom Brzezinski - May 2016

"What a memorable time we had at Stone Light! Our list of favorite memories include: The breathtaking starry night after a cleansing rainstorm; The awesome early morning symphony by the wild turkeys and the many different songbirds; The profound silence in nature that put us in touch with our own soul's silent wisdom; And the new perspective we found by stepping away from our busy lives to just "be". Being off the grid is being in tune with nature the way our ancestors were. We will be back to re-experience this again as well as create more new memories. Many thanks!

Mary Lou and Randy - May 2016

Friends and family, you must retreat to this beautifully scenic treasure! Stone Light was absolutely amazing! It will awaken you at the soul level! I learned so much about myself and finally burst into the beautiful light being that I am. Thank you so much Steve Jensen, for creating this lil taste of heaven for us to experience! The little town of Viroqua has some of the kindest people you'll ever meet too! I can't wait to go back!

Nhia V - March 2016

Our memories of our time at Stone Light are still very close to us and this warm feeling is due, in great part, to the environment that you provided for us at Stone Light. Your generosity extended beyond sharing your wonderful place with Debby and me, as you extended your self to us as well. The loving energy that we experienced only enhanced our special time together. So, thank you for all of that.

Elle & Debby - November 2015

I took an impromptu trip to Stone Light following a very challenging month. I needed time to shut down, reflect and heal and Stone Light turned out to be just what I needed. The supportive energy of the property created the space for me to tap into my higher self, which led to revelations, forgiveness, connectedness and ultimately joy. Steve is a great host - truly genuine. He epitomizes the truest essence of customer service; my cabin was clean and inviting and stocked with many items that made my stay more enjoyable, Steve took care of making reservations with the two healers I wanted appointments with and he had a way of making himself available should I need anything but giving me plenty of space for the solitude I craved. My time there will remain as one of the most impactful trips I've ever taken. I can't thank Steve enough for creating this sacred space.

Kate - October 2015

My Fiance and I stay for a weekend at the end of June 2015 and it was such a wonderful experience. Everything about our stay was so peaceful and positive. Steve is a great Host and very Genuine person. He does such a great job at keeping everything clean and well kept. Respects your privacy and is all around a wonderful person. Plus our experience with Lauren and Julie was phenomenal! Both came back to the cabin and it was a very uplifting experience! Unit we meet again.

Mike and Raven - June 2015

At Stone Light Retreat, we enjoyed the seclusion and quiet of the Wisconsin woods, the hospitality of Steve Jensen, owner and host, and the antics of his five cats. The experience was enhanced by all the "Stations" created by Steve, for example, the stone hedge surrounding an energy vortex, the fairy garden, and the interfaith chapel. Although we were without modern amenities, we found ourselves growing closer to Mother Nature once again. The highlight of our visit was the morning conversations with Steve over a cup of hot coffee, and our evening sharing about spirit matters. We will be back again.

Charlotte & Paul June 2015

In a world where things move at a fast pace, and where technology is King (and Queen), it is always extremely important to take a break. We often don't allow ourselves the time to replenish and renew, and find that we become extremely overwhelmed, irritable and unhappy. This was my life condition before I reached out to Steve at Stone Light. I found his retreat online, and after emailing an inquiry I received a reply back more quickly than I anticipated. I immediately knew this would be the place for my time away because he was extremely accommodating, empathic and understanding. He explained in detail everything I needed to know about the cabin, and though the thought of using the restroom in an outhouse or having no electricity scared me, it was everything I needed in order to unplug and find myself. As I arrived at Stone Light I was met with a hug, not a handshake, and it's like Steve knew that is exactly what I needed. I was escorted to my cabin, "The Rose", and found it to be extremely spacious and emanating with good energy. He told/showed me everything I needed to know, and having never built a fire before I think I am now a qualified Girl Scout. I thought it would be scary and unsafe as I was a young woman traveling alone but it was quite the opposite. I read books, I meditated, I lit candles, I burned nag champa, I wrote poetry and mostly I got to spend time with myself - finding peace in the silence and loving who I am and where I have come. Whether it was the beautiful chapel, taking a walk in the woods, having a cup of coffee with Steve, keeping a fire blazing, driving into town, visiting the rock shop or having integrated healing with Julie, this retreat was everything that I had imagined and more. Please do yourself a favor and take a trip to Stone Light - your heart is calling!

Marisol - March 2015

I came to Stone Light for several days of peace and reflection. The atmosphere and hospitality created an experience I could never have imagined, it was exactly what I was looking for. The beautiful scenery and sense of serenity provided the perfect space for a spiritual and meaningful experience. With the few days I spent at Stone Light and my powerful session with Bill Humphreys, the shamanic healer, I came away from the weekend feeling recharged, transformed, and alive. I look forward to visiting again.

Eden - January 2015

On the website it is advertised as a place to meet oneself I could not agree more. Personally I have issues as a sensitive person with too many electronics around me it was so wonderful to have NO electricity and go back to the outhouse from when I was a kid. The oil lamps and wood stove give you more than what you need. To have the lights go out and feel REAL darkness and REAL light tell your body when it is time to wake up on a physical level is amazing. We underestimate how the little lights on the WIFI keep us up all night.

The town nearby Viroqua is a really cool little place considered the Sedona of the Midwest. I was so shocked to see a town with so much to offer in such a small package. It really helped my heart to see people working with their Amish neighbors hand in hand. I saw families taking their Amish neighbors out to dinner and laughing together. I thought of how I barely know my own neighbors names in the city. It felt like I landed in some sort of Utopian society but it was real.

I had read on other reviews Steve was a really cool human being I second or third this! Steve makes you feel like you are going to visit a soul relative. He gave me full privacy and if you wanted to spend time for a bit talking in the morning you could or if you didn’t want to then no problem. Steve understood what a real retreat is all about with me. The land is charged with energy it really resets you back to a time in life when you were not so stressed. I loved all the different areas like the chapel and my favorites the zen stone garden which I spent a few hours stacking rocks and the huge relaxing swing. Pictures do not do it justice if you are led to go please do. You deserve to get away to see your own real self it misses you. P.S. I am getting oil lamps for my own home now! THANKS STEVE FOR A WONDERFUL TIME I WOULD COME BACK~~

Laura - September 2014

Had a wonderful stay in the Rose Cabin--so comfortable and relaxing. Thanks for your hospitality and for allowing me to bring my old dog, Radar. Though advanced in years, he really enjoyed walking the wide, well-kept paths. My favorite discovery there was the bench swing in the woods--how enchanting. The morning coffee was a great touch of hospitality.... Hope to visit again in the fall when the leaves will be spectacular.

Karen - August 2014

We loved our stay at Stone Light! We sorely needed to get away from the stress of urban life and wanted to explore Viroqua. We happened upon Stone Light by fortunate chance.

Everything about this place felt healing. Our stresses melted away in our pristine cabin nestled in the woods. Steve has done an amazing job of creating a magical and welcoming place. We will be back and will be telling our friends about this gem.

Annette Kohn-Lau and Norman Lau - July 2014

Stone Light offers an array of archetypal sacred spaces throughout the grounds which provide a sense of sanctuary, as well as a peaceful backdrop for silence and solitude. Steve Jensen embodies the spirit of hospitality with a genuine attention to meeting the needs of his guests, as well as the option for engaged conversation. The result was a rewarding experience, and a sense that my batteries were fully recharged at the end of my three day retreat.

Mary - August 2013

My husband Ty and I had the pleasure of spending time at Stone Light Retreat in July 2013, in part to check out the facilities for a possible retreat later in the fall. From talking to Steve prior to our visit, we expected to find a space of peace and tranquility. However, Stone Light surpassed our expectations. From the quaint simplicity of the cabins, to the play of sunlight dancing through the trees, to the spots set aside for quiet meditation, Stone Light is a very special place. Steve was a caring host, willing to engage in conversation or give guests space as needed. Stone Light is a place to be a human being, not merely a human doing.

Twila Bergeron - July 2013

Tucked in a tiny corner 5 miles outside of the tiny, eclectic hamlet of Viroqua is a place known as Stone Light. Have you been thinking lately that you are in need of healing, being alone in nature, working with some very gifted people to restore your energy or other body/mind work, getting that meditation thing down, want to be in silence, or just want to find a way to shut off your brain....this is the place "to be"! Be prepared to go rustic, but isn't that what you need and are longing for? And get ready for the paradigm shift of your life, as well as a magical, mystical experience of awareness you've not known in a very long time, if ever. Your consciousness will be touched (and maybe even raised!), and you will go away from this oasis of retreat forever changed. Did I mention there even may be some shape-shifting going on? That was my experience....when will yours begin?

Cheryl - July 2013

Stone light is a great place to come and get away from daily life for awhile. The cabins are cute and set away in the woods and the whole place has a wonderful, peaceful, light feeling to it. There are some nice trails with beautiful crystals and stones decorating them and little stations to stop and sit. Steve was very welcoming and knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. I had a great experience here and would definitely come again.

Kalla - July 2013

Hi Steve, My wife and I really enjoyed our stay. Even though it was cloudy and misty we were able to enjoy all that you have to offer at your many spiritual way points. We loved your cabin and really drank in the complete and total peace and solitude. Our conversations at the end of our stay was the frosting on the cake. Till we meet again,

Rog and Judy - May 2013

The first time I went to Stone Light it was an experience that I have never encountered before. Stone Light is a place to "Meet yourself" Whether you're on a Spiritual path or just want to get back to the basic things in life, this is the place to visit. I have been to Stone Light 5 times since 2010 and every time I go I leave feeling renewed. Stone Light offers a quiet and safe place to find inner peace. There are several places on the grounds to visit and meditate. I would tell you what my favorite place is but they are all my favorite. The Chapel and the swing that is hung up in the middle of the woods would be my top two on the list.

The Amish built cabins are beautiful, clean and very cozy. They all have their own unique character. There are plenty of books and candles that Steve provides in the cabins. The Crystal Cabin is great for one or two people. The other cabins are great for more than two people. Steve also provides extra blankets and pillows in the cabins if you need them. Two cabins have woodstoves. The others have butane heaters that are provided in needed. I had been in all of them except for one. They are all outstanding and you do have a lot of privacy. The outhouses are extremely clean and very comfortable to be in.

Steve is a very gentle and respectful person and is always there to help or give you any information that you may need. The town Viroqua is very unique and has a lot of little shops and restaurants to dine in. The people are very friendly and helpful.

If you're a nature lover and love the woods - I would highly recommend Stone Light. The woods are beautiful and you feel secluded and detached from the noisy world. This is a place to gather your thoughts or just to "be".

Overall the energy at Stone Light is very healing. Stone Light not only helps you find yourself but also helps heal the soul in some way. I will return indefinitely.

Rhoda Chanas - Greendale, WI - May 2013

Stone Light is a wonderful place; energized, motivating, spiritual, calm, serene, magical, peaceful, etc... A million words could be used as descriptors, the only true way to know is to go there, stay, and find your own words. There is no time at Stone Light; just day or night. It is a place to get away from the cell phones, Ipads, watches, laptops, TV... all the noise of the world - and find silence. In the quiet time you can find yourself, you can reflect, you can just be.

If you struggle to find yourself; then Stone Light is an even better place for you to visit. Not only will the place itself help clear your mind & heal you, they have a list of people that can assist you on any journey. Having done this, I can speak first hand of the utterly amazing experience I with William Humphrey. Bill and I worked together and he is truly a unique and powerful person. I worked through more things in one session with him than I have been able to do in the last 30 years of my life. I feel AMAZING! For the first time in years, I feel whole again...yet spacious - open again to all life offers. I will be forever grateful for my time spent at Stone Light and I have no doubts I will return in the future.

The cabins are clean, cozy, and furnished with the basic necessities. There are great trails that run throughout the property and a never-ending array of things that will intrigue the mind. Also, take Steve's recommendation and eat at the Driftless Cafe at least one time during your stay. I have rarely had food so delicious!

My hope is everyone who comes to Stone Light has a profound experience on some level; like me.

Travis - April 2013

My recent personal retreat at Stone Light was exactly what I was looking for — a quiet time to be away — from phones, computers, TV and all those things that fill our heads. I instead welcomed having "past day conveniences" — a wood stove with real crackling logs, perfect for heating my tea and soup, the warm glow of kerosene lamps and candles, a clean little outhouse just steps away (my preference vs a more modern solution, available right in the cabin), and nothing to do but read, journal, nap, paint, meditate, walk through the beautiful wooded grounds, and look at the brilliant stars and crescent moon through the trees just outside my little porch. Steve was a perfect host — protecting my quiet time, but always available and helpful for anything I may have needed (which really was nothing — I had it all). I HIGHLY recommend this place, for all of you who long for a time away from "it all", a time to reconnect with self and feed your soul. Perfect.

Mary Flore - February 2013

My fiance and I were looking for the perfect place to have a honeymoon, and did we ever find it! Years before we were looking for someplace to go and came across the website. We never made it there, but never forgot it either. We took a beautiful road trip to check it out. It didn't take long and we were hooked! This was were we were to honeymoon. On the road trip home I turned to my future husband and said "We have got to get your folks here." There was no way to describe the wonder of this place! So we invited them along on our honeymoon. Not to worry through each cabin is quite private. Mike and I have been together for many years and we were afraid that staying at a motel room we would not be celebrating the new life we are embarking on. Stone Light was the peaceful and serene place that we could talk about all our future plans with no interruptions of the outside world. Spending time with nature, bonfires and walking the paths was exactly what we needed. I would wholeheartedly advice honeymooners and couples who want to reunite their love to go there. Steve was a wonderful host who made sure we wanted for nothing. He takes pride in his creation and rightfully so. Our experience with the activities with Julie were more then what we could even expect. It made the whole honeymoon more thought provoking. Thanks for the adventure! Can't wait to return.

Deby & Mike - October 2012

What a wonderful experience!!

My wife Joann and I spent time with our son Mike and new daughter-in-law Deby at Stone Light. There are not enough words to describe the wonderful enriching, serene visit at Stone Light and all the wonderful experiences we had while there. Everything about our stay was positive, enriching, and full of Love. Thank you so very much Steve for the time, creativity, hard work, and Love that you have spent in creating such a wonderful place and for your very gracious hospitality while we were there. We will definitely return soon!

Tim and Joann Westergard - October 2012

I expected a cabin in the woods and a clean outhouse in close proximity — no electricity. I expected lots of trees, rocks, moss, undergrowth and layers of leaves cracking beneath my feet, left over from the warm winter. I expected to have a nice time with some tears, enjoying my time yet struggling with being on my own for a whole week. Sone Light did not disappoint — it is a beautifully integrated joining of natural wonders and Steven Jensen created whimsically magical areas for meditation, silence and prayer.

What I had not expected or anticipated, even in my wildest dreams, was how my experiences at Stone Light led me toward my awakening of Self! Throughout the week, I scheduled time with four spiritual providers affiliated with Stone Light. I truly found myself incrementally opening in way of Love. I came upon my Self — no distractions, no defenses, no denial — only love, peace, healing, and joy. This was truly the week that changed my life forever.

Kathe Blum — September 2012

I love it when I notice I am being led somewhere or to something. That is what it felt like when I ran across the Stone Light website. With my whole experience at Stone Light I know I will return. Steve is an amazing host whose attention to ever detail put my "city mind" at ease. There was a warm welcoming fire in the wood stove when I arrived at the cabin along with lots of amenities to make my retreat comfortable. The out houses are cute and clean! During my stay I was struck by the brightness of the stars and by the stillness that was present day and night. The grounds are peppered with areas that are especially conducive to spiritual connection. Thanks Steve for sharing Stone Light and your Spirit.

BJ - Fall 2012

We would go back to Stone Light and highly recommend it.

Stone Light Retreat Center is a gift to all who visit the magical "Driftless" area of Wisconsin.

The cabin that we stayed in was comfy cozy and clean and tidy. It came equipped with bottles of spring water, flashlights, books, fire wood, picnic table and chairs to sit on to enjoy our private and quiet space in nature. We appreciated reflective and meditative time at the different "energy" centers that Steve so carefully created in and around these beautiful woods. We especially enjoyed our time on the porch swing which hangs from an ancient oak that overlooks the peaceful forest.

Please don't worry about using the outhouses. Ours was so clean and odor free — it never was an issue. Steve allows you to use the bathroom up at the house, so a nice hot shower is available. You simply have to book a time.

Steve is a generous and thoughtful host. He honors your privacy—but is up for metaphysical chat—we talked about the most amazing things.

We would go bak to Stone Light and highly recommend it.

Kaye - Summer 2012

Sometimes we just need to honor that part of us that needs to be heard by putting ourselves in glorious solitude. Stone-Light is just such a place. Your cabin is a safe clean space that has been thoughtfully appointed with all the needs and comforts you could possibly want for such an adventure. Outside, your surrounded with a deep peaceful woods. It beckons you with places of intrigue, like Merlin's Stone, the Labyrinth, and The Fairy Ring.

Should you wish for a deeper connection, the chapel beckons. Best of my experiences as well as the nightly visits. Yes, alone in the deepest softest black, they came. So gentle, so loving. It is indeed a very special place. Soon to be a repeat "adventurer".

Mary Russell - August 2012

What a pleasure it was spending several days at Stone Light! It was everything I imagined. I went with the intention of being one with nature and self, and that is exactly what manifested. The sacred sanctuary provided moments of pure magic on many levels. The cabin was perfect in size - cozy and spacious. What I loved were the Angel Cards and wonderful library of books available. Again, thank you! I have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend Stone Light for anyone that wants a deeper connection with their self or just a retreat back to nature.

John Stuart - Summer 2012

You were a great facilitator making my plan come to fruition. I found Stonelight to be beyond peaceful and so enjoyed fires in my own fire ring, loved the swing, chapel, labyrinth, look out point and crystal mound. I found my way around Viroqua with ease thanks to your map and list of convenient restaurants to frequent. Main Street Kitchen and the Coop became my "go-to" places. My psychic reading, channeling and massage were great experiences. Kathleen at the Healing Arts put my right to sleep and I walked away feeling as refreshed and relaxed as a baby.

I would recommend this to anyone who needs to find themselves by going off grid.

Rona Frye - July 2012

My experience at Stone LIght was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to get away, connect with nature and connect with myself. I enjoyed sitting on the cabin porch and watching the birds. The property and all of the special places Steve has create are beautiful. The cabin was clean and simple. Steve was extremely attentive and at the same time respectful of my space and privacy. I also enjoyed the town of Viroqua, the cafe and the food coop. I will be going back as soon as I can!

Carolyn - September 2011

I visited for 5 nights in early October when the fall colors were said to be peaking, and the hilltop forest home to Stone Light was just breathtaking. The sapphire was very cozy, with two lofted beds and plenty of yoga space. Steve the owner was so friendly and welcoming, and made it easy to access show facilities in the lodge and the kitchen to make hot water for tea. There are plenty of great places to eat and shop in town nearby (I recommend the Driftless Cafe), and lots of beautiful scenery to explore in the Kickapoo Valley and Gays Mills. (If you are interested in horseback riding I recommend Redrock Trails about a 30 min drive north.) My favorite part of Stone Light had to be Steve's kitten Merlee, who found her way to my cabin on three nights and happily kept my company. She's a special creature.

A happy retreater - October 2011

I spent three nights at the Stone Light and it was a beautiful and peaceful experience. I stayed in Crystal cabin, which is just the perfect size for one or two people Each cabin is far enough away from the others that you don't have much contact with other retreatants, but close enough that you feel safe having people nearby. Being without electricity makes for a pleasant camping experience, and the cabins are supplied with oil lamps and candles (and even a few battery operated lights and flashlights) so you can still see after dark. And Steve even provided a propane heater for me to use on the chilly October nights.

Anne - October 2011

I spent only a weekend at Stone Light Retreat but wish it could have been for much longer time. Crystal cabin was perfect for me as a solo visitor for a personal retreat — very clean and comfortable, and very good vibes, and if you're a camper like me, no electricity and running water is jus the way it is — no big deal. Steve is a very gracious host and I felt right at home. I especially enjoyed all of the touches that Steve has put on the property — all the special spots in which to sit, the cool "rock piles" he has built all around the property, the care and attention that Steve has given to the experience of being there. Stone Circle was especially powerful for me and I spent much time there. I was also so happy to find the walking labyrinth, as I am a fan of those. Highly recommended. Do go if you want a special spiritual retreat in an energetic place of nature. I will return!

Christine — October 2011

This was my second trip to Stone Light, this time with three of my Gal Pals. We reveled in the quiet and the chance to reconnect with each other. What a beautiful and sacred place this is! And Steve is, as always, welcoming and generous. I look forward to returning to Stone Light soon!

Linda Colletti - October 2011

I knew I wanted to bring in a new decade in a special place and in a special way. The three days and nights I spent at Stone Light was just that. It was an opportunity to immerse myself in nature and to look there and within for direction. The session with Julie on nutrition and Akashic Records got me closer to where I hope to be. Julie truly was an inspiration! Will I return? Definitely. My journey continue and Stone LIght is the respite I will seek from time to time.

Nancy Amundson - July 2011

This is a great place to escape. It is very private. Cabins are clean and comfortable. There is no electricity but plenty of candles and oil lamps. The outhouses are amazingly clean and odor free. There are many meditation areas on the grounds including a meditation chapel. There is some great hiking in the area and I didn't run into the usual crowds. I visited in June and the weather was lovely.

Michelle - June 2011

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! That's the answer I'd give anyone who asked me if they should choose Stone Light Retreat Center for their next personal retreat or friend/family meeting place. A dear friend and I chose to meet at Stone Light for our bi-annual "girls weekend." It was a glorious weekend to say the least. The weather was sunny and warm, perfect for hiking on the beautiful grounds, walking the labyrinth, meditating in the chapel, and simply taking in all of the beauty that God and Steve together have created! The evenings were crystal clear, allowing us to see the unblemished, star-filled night sky (a sign to behold from Stone LIght's location, away from the electric grid of city lights). Our cabin was cozy and warmed by our own wood-burning fireplace. I've never experienced such peacefulness anywhere before. Steve was so warm and welcoming to us; he is an amazing, kind, and wonderful person. After just two days, I made a spiritual connection with Stone LIght which will draw me back often. Once you set foot on the grounds, you won't want to leave...

Mary Beth T. - November 2010

How better can three sisters celebrate a 40th birthday than by experiencing Stone LIght? Two autumnal day s and nights filled with Steve's special blend of perfect setting, accommodations and spiritual resources/friends provided the respite and celebration we hoped for. Loved it all and we very much hope to experience it again.

Karen - October 2010

Stone LIght was the perfect place for me to mark my 40th birthday with a weekend retreat. The setting is beautiful, serene and magical. The cabin was very clean, warm and well-appointed. I so enjoyed the trails, the peaceful chapel and the labyrinth. Steve, the host, was gracious and accommodating. Viroqua is a lovely town, too — a quick drive from the retreat, and the rolling hills of this region make for a most picturesque backdrop. Highly recommended.

Shannon - August 2010

I had the good fortune to live at the Crystal cabin, alone, for two weeks (private retreat). Everything was either "as expected" or BETTER. Viroqua became very much a part of my positive experience. I stumbled onto the Stone Light Retreat Center on line and could not imagine a better setting for my purposes. So glad to have it all come together.

Mary Murray - June 2010

Magical experience. From the drive away from the big city, through rolling farmland hills, valleys and vistas, to the cabins in the woods studded with stone sculptures and quartz, to your host Steve with his welcoming home and energy, (and very reasonable prices), I has a wonderfully relaxing time of solitude for reading, and even met some wonderful people in the vicinity too. I was choosing between places in Michigan and this place 1.5 hours from Madison, WI., and I chose right!! Dynamite organic local food coop in town too. I give it all the stars available for the giving.

Dana - May 2010

Stone Light Retreat Center is an amazing place to reconnect with yourself and the universe. Peace and tranquility permeate the entire facility. The walking trails and meditation points set the stage for a unique union with nature and your spiritual self. Walking the labyrinth served to be an awe-inspiring experience for me. I felt such spiritual and healing energy during my stay allowing me the space and time for contemplation and discovery.

The holistic services that I selected were truly astounding! Both Laurie and Julie are gifted with great skills and a wonderful loving spirit. Their readings and services provided me with exactly what I needed to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Steve, the owner of Stone Light, is one of the most incredibly kind, caring and generous people I've ever met. He makes a point to greet and meet the needs of each retreater. He is very respectful of each retreaters desire for personal privacy. The center would not be the same without such a devoted individual in charge.

If you desire self-reflection or wish to awaken your spiritual essence, Stone LIght is the perfect place to find it! I look forward to a return trip.

Kim - May 2010

I took six yoga student to Stonelight on a yoga/wellness retreat. It was the most incredible place. Stonelight has such wonderful energy and the own was incredibly helpful. Whether you need a place to go to be alone with your thoughts or a place to go with a group of friends this place is so beautiful.

Lori Punko - Fall 2009

A retreat to Stone Light was one of the best things I ever arranged for myself. I have a job that is demanding, so my stress level was at an all time high. For months all I kept thinking was, I needed a place to rest, to be myself and to think. The biggest complaint I have about my experience was not giving myself more time there. I should have went for at least 10 days. Thinking back on it now, almost a month after my visit, my time spent at Stone Light conjured dappled sunlight, starlight nights and the chorus of songbirds that greeted me every morning. The onsite chapel is truly a place for communion with God and the universe. I really recommend this retreat for those who may need a reprieve from the rat race. To find balance and peace for a few days; this retreat can turn you back into a human being again. Steve is a joy, a wonderful host how understand the balance of friendly hospitality, while giving you-his guest-an opportunity to experience silence and the autonomy most of us seek when we sign up for this type of retreat. After I returned to the "real world", I am finding strength and hope in my daily existence, something that was missing before I came to Stone Light. And I believe that because of my experience I can cultivate and grow that hope every day.

A few more points:

I stayed in the Crystal Cabin - Fabulously clean, well designed and perfect for one or two people. Steve keeps a variety of books, mostly spiritually based - so if you want something else, bring your own.

I brought food with me, but found my favorite eating spots in the town of Viroqua included the Co-op and a little Mexican place that serves an outstanding array of healthy food.

There is not much to do - That is the point. If you want to hike, there is the Kickapoo RIver. There are a number of fabulous businesses in the town of Viroqua if you want to add a little to their economy with some shopping.

I really enjoyed my stay.

This place is fantastic. I'll be back, again and again and again...

Deneine Powell - May 2009

As a busy urban musician and teacher, I came to the Stone Light Retreat center seeking peace and a communion with nature. I found it there. With my comfortable cabin as a home base, I was able to walk in peace through the woods, meditate, or simply read in comfort amidst the pristine surroundings. Steve Jensen has carved out a jewel of a place in beautiful western Wisconsin.

Art Davis - October 2008

I stayed for a week in the Crystal cabin, perfect for 1 person. I loved it so much I wanted to live there. The cabin was fantastic, very comfortable and welcoming. There were little touches like a stuffed koala next to the bed, a dish of chocolates on the table, even a great tarot deck next to the love-seat. The forest was very cool with grassy paths and trails between the trees. Scattered around the grounds were stone cairns with crystal clusters on top as well as stone circles and contemplation maze. There was also a chapel in a meadow that was fantastic to visit. It held things from every religion, truly something for everyone. Steve, who runs Stone Light, was a brilliant host. The additional services offered are beyond compare. I took part in Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Mentoring, Shamanic Healing, Spirit Communication and Spirit Guides. Stone Light is a few minutes drive outside of Viroqua, a very unexpected town. It has a little over 4300 and is a combination of old German and Norwegian, Amish, green, New Age and hippie. Needless to say that adds up to a very open-minded community with stores to match. It has a natural food grocery, rock shop, cafes, boutiques, etc. I was told it's the only town like it this in the Midwest, I believe it. I can't say enough good things about Stone Light. I scoured Google, Yahoo, and MSN for retreats in WI, northern IL and northern IN. Although I found a lot of other retreats I kept coming back to the Stone Light site.

Sue Rummery - October 2008

My girlfriend and I went to Stone Light for our anniversary. We had a wonderful time. Steve is an exceptional person. We looked forward to talking with him during the organic breakfast he provides each morning. He couldn't be more accomadating - with maps of the area and insight into the local goings-on and things to do. Stone Light is a sanctuary, a haven in the woods of the beautiful driftless region of Wisconsin. The cabins were perfect and we enjoyed the fire pit at night and the peace and quiet of the surroundings. Viroqua is a fun town to visit with it's co-op and farmer's market and flea markets. Stone Light is a great place for a retreat!

Mike Olson - October 2008

I am a mother of 3 active boys. Once a month I spend a weekend at the Stonelight retreat to step out of my ordinary busy life into a life 'back to nature'. I spend hour sitting by my fire pit out in the dark of the night, hours meditation in the stone circle and praying in the chapel, doing oracle card readings and bird watching. It truly is one of the places to find yourself. All of the cabins are brand new and cozy, private, and tastefully decorated. Bottom line: You will enjoy your stay at Stonelight Retreat, it will open your mind and change your life - that's how wonderful it is. I will continue to spend many wonderful hours at Stonelight Retreat. See you there.

Daniela Tallard - 2008